How to stop your mind when it feels like a freight train


I don't know about you, but this week seems particularly crazy in the mindset department. I heard from a lot of women that they were feeling particularly doubtful, worried, stressed, and, well, like their mind was a runaway freight train headed to Nowheresville. Alright, well, maybe not that dramatic, but you get the gist.

There are a few reasons why this happens:

1. You are taking massive responsibility for shifting your mindset, and that can cause some pushback. Your ego wants to keep you nice and safe and cozy in the land of "can't", and when you get closer to creating a shift in the way you see the world the ego often wants to fight back. Inner chaos ensues.

2. You're on the verge of a breakthrough. A little bit like #1, when you are on the verge of something big happening it's not uncommon to feel like shit is hitting the mindset fan. When you create a new identity, a part of you feels like she's dying. That's dangerous to your subconscious until you create enough momentum towards what you want.

3. You fell into victim / fix mode. This can happen when we start to put too much pressure on our progress, feel sorry for ourselves, or want to rush. No bueno. 

So what do you do when you feel like your mind has entered freight train mode? 

  - Stop trying to figure it all out. Your ego loves trying to figure everything out. It finds a job in creating problems and trying to solve them. So, when you're already on the train, it's sometimes better to just get off at the next station instead of trying to figure out where it's going, where it came from, why you're on it, what will happen, etc etc. 

    - Get into your body. Getting into your body has the ability to take you out of your mind when it feels impossible. Reconnect to your inner power through your body: go for a run, take a walk, have sex, dance, punch pillows, whatever you need to do to let the energy move through you. 

    - Seek support. When your head feels heavy, it's sometimes necessary to have someone there to support it. Whether that be a non-judgemental friend, a coach, or a partner, seek some support. Without support, it's easy to get lost in the stories you're trying to avoid. The mind has a way of telling us to hide our "flaws" which often leaves us feeling alone, and that's when the freight train can get faster.

    - One step at a time. Be patient. When you think this is the "end of your progress" and you are "ruining everything", that's extra fuel. Just do your best, love yourself through it, and find the NEXT best feeling. If it's tough to go from miserable to ecstatic, try going from miserable to frustrated. One step at a time.

Your mind is a huge tool in creating the life and business you desire, so remember to utilize it before it starts utilizing you. You are always in control, I promise you that.

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xx Alex