Hey, I'm Alex, and I help women feel more confident about who they are and what they're here to do so they can show up powerfully and magnetize the success they desire

You were made to be daring.

I don't believe your whole life was made for what they tell you you're "supposed" to be doing. I believe there is MUCH more within you that wants to be expressed and needs to be nurtured. You desire a life of excitement, freedom, passion and courage so you can thrive and LEAD. I'm here to help you bust through the blocks that are holding you back, and step into the power that will propel you forward so you can rock out in your business and life.

Your confidence and leadership starts now.

I'm not in the business of pleasing you, but I am in the business of serving you. I'm here to help you grow past your comfort zone, step into the powerful leader you know you are, and create radical change in your life, one daring move at a time. 

Here's how you we can work together:


  • Identify all the limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back, and shift them.
  • Get clear on your mission and your message, so you can stop feeling like you're flailing face-down in shallow water.
  • Become the leader you know you're meant to be.
  • Show up with ease and confidence, consistently.
  • Create a magnetic presence, increase your soulful sales, and do it all while feeling rooted in your authenticity.
  • Go bigger than you've ever gone before.
  • Be seen, be heard, and be hired, so you can feed your soul and your bank account.
  • Remember the power that lives inside of you; the goddess, the warrior, the woman you've always wanted to be. 
  • Work in alignment so you can create ease and flow instead of hustle and burnout.
  • Be daring.

Here's the truth:

No one needs coaching. Coaching is for those who choose. It's for those who decide that getting support for what they desire is worth it, because they're worth it. It's for those who are not afraid about investing in themselves, because they know that becoming a new version of themselves is what it will take to reach their goals. It's for those who are ready and willing to do the work required to be their best and serve at their highest. 

You get out what you put in:

No one can make you shift, transform, change or grow if you're not willing to do the work. That said, I am here to help you shift out of self-destructive thoughts, patterns and stories that hold you back from being the leader you know you are so you can create the freedom lifestyle you desire. With your full responsibility, and my full support, you can change in ways you never thought imaginable. 

You're committing to yourself:

This is not about worrying what anyone thinks, living in fear of judgement, or trying to be the "good girl student". This is about committing -- wholeheartedly -- to yourself. This is about making a decision that you're no longer willing to settle for less than you're meant for. This is about deciding that you're with yourself forever, no matter where the journey takes you. 

I loved working with Alexandra!!! When I started my business, I had an inkling of an idea of what I wanted to do. But, I was struggling. What do I do? Where do I start? How do I make sense of all this? Can I even do this? There is a mountain of information out there, and it isn’t always easy to know what you don’t know. Alex helped me find my focus. She made it seem easy. And, she kept me moving. Alex reminded me that I could totally do this. When I forgot my why, she reminded me of that, too. Alex gave me permission to stop and catch my breath when I needed it. I started off wondering if I could do this, and I walked away with a client and a plan to attract more. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her, and the success that is sure to come only comes from having had Alex at my side.
— Fariha Massud; Mindset Coach

I absolutely loved working with Alex on Facebook group strategies. I reached out to her because of the strategic, authentic and beautiful way she kept showing up. I knew she was not only sharp but I also felt her heart and authenticity a mile away, things that I look for in any coach I invest in. From our very first session Alex made me feel important, cared for and deeply supported as she provided the well thought out strategies for moving forward and getting the results I was after. I will continue to partner with Alex in the future and if you are thinking about it, I would say don’t! She is an amazing coach! Love Gio
— Giordana Toccaceli; Expert/Coach on Soul Healing/Love&Men/Your Irresistible Power as Feminine Women

Before I started working with Alex, I felt completely invisible and overwhelmed by my goals and dreams. My biggest challenge was making money so we set a goal to triple my investment in my 3 months of coaching. With Alex’s support, encouragement and honesty, I shifted so many beliefs that didn’t serve me and I found my voice! Alex always showed up on time with such an open heart, she is a rock star in my world. My entire being has changed, I live in so much joy now, more than I ever thought was possible and wait for it... I bought a house! (That’s 26 x what I had set out to make and I did it in less than 3 months!!) In the process I beat my binge drinking addiction, become my authentic self and I started 2 new businesses! I love you Alex and I am so grateful that you have the courage to be you.
— Nicole Kolb, Johannesburg, South Africa, Entrepreneur and Authenticity Coach