How to tell if it's fear or intuition

Love bug,

I don't know about you, but the first time someone told me to "listen to my intuition", my first thought was, how the F do I listen to my intuition when I basically just wanna crawl into my cozy little comfort zone at all times?

I couldn't tell the difference between what my heart was saying and what my head was screaming. 

Have you ever been in that place,Alexandra Covucci? For example you get an amazing idea for a project, and then feel like you're fighting yourself every step of the way? Or you have a nudge to reach out to someone, but then everything in you wants to hold you back?

"I don't feel the flow, maybe I just need to take a break"
"Perhaps it's not the right project if I no longer feel excited about it"
"Maybe this isn't the right
opportunity because I don't really feel like it"

Lemme tell you something: the ego is really good at pretending to be your intuition, and she'll show up with her most convincing argument. 

But there are some key differences between your ego (fear) and your intuition that I wanna share with you today so you can start choosing which one you listen to:


- She's often strong, steady and sure of herself
- She often whispers constantly until you're ready to hear
- She works from trust
- She often knows the answer right away without questioning herself
- She feels light and energizing
- She's brave and ready to be courageous
- She wants you to expand, no matter the stories that are in your way
- She wants you to explore the space outside your comfort zone

Ego (Fear):

- She's often frantic, nervous, and all over the place
- She'll yell incredibly loud to make you listen
- She is worried about not being heard, so she'll keep yelling
- She often makes you question everything instead of feeling sure
- She wants to keep you small, so she'll try to steer you away from bravery and courage
- She wants you to get back to your comfort zone as quickly as possible

Start to pay attention to what choices you're making and which part of yourself you're listening to. Are you moving toward expansion, or are you continually fighting the same battles? 

Remember, you get to choose every step of the way.

xx, Alex

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