When I first started my business, there was an urgency about it. Sure, I wanted freedom and I wanted it THAT MOMENT, but along with the urgency of passion there was also a neediness, a freneticism, a frantic quest that often left me feeling like A. I didn't know enough, B. I wasn't enough, and C. everyone else had all of the answers (read: magic pills) that they weren't sharing. 

I'll be honest with you: I struggled.

I struggled to find my place, my voice, my internal truth, and even my own desires. I struggled to trust myself, to trust my knowledge, and to trust that my passion was enough. 

And so I ran around in circles.

You may know the feeling.

This is not uncommon. I see a lot of entrepreneurs struggling with the same things that I struggled with. I see a lot of entrepreneurs withholding trust in themselves, questioning their voice and their quest, and running in circles from one "magic pill" to the next.

The two best things I ever did for my business (and life) completely turned around all of that freneticism, frustration and confusion, and it started to open up the doors to my creativity, steadiness, resilience, trust and confidence. 

They may be able to turn some things around for you, too: 

1. I CONNECT TO MYSELF AND MY WORTH ON A DAILY BASIS: I spent so much of my life feeling like everything was outside of me. I felt like everyone had all of the answers. I felt like everyone had all of the DEPTH of life, and I was just watching it from a skimmed surface. It worsened when it came to my business because I started questioning my knowledge, my worth, my fortitude, and everything else. I started (internally) giving my power away to anyone who wrote a great sales page, or spoke directly to my needs. I started assuming EVERYONE was better than me and had some kind of secret. 

Not only does that feeling suck, but it also stunts creative AND business growth. It is the place where you hold YOURSELF back and STILL go looking for someone else to let you loose.

Connecting to yourself completely changes that. You remember your voice, your passion, your creativity. You remember that everything is really okay...even when it doesn't feel that way. You remember that your ideas matter, your knowledge matters, and, YOU, my dear, matter.

THE HOW: If you've been disconnected for awhile, this one may take a little bit of testing. Try new things out:  journal, dance, write poetry, take a bath, meditate, do yoga, get outside, go out to lunch alone, pray, ask for guidance, rub your crystals, pick an angel card, ask God for help, sit in silence, lay on the floor, take a hike, go for a walk..etc Watch it start to transform you from the inside out. 

2. I CHANGED MY RELATIONSHIP TO RESPONSIBILITY: Responsibility sounds like a drag, right? Kids, work, bills, BLEH. We create this association with responsibility that feels like shit, when, in reality, responsibility is freedom. 

You want a freedom-based business? Then you'll also have a lot of responsibilities come your way. If that doesn't empower you, you're gonna spend a whole lot of time subconsciously running from what you actually want. 

Instead, just change how you view responsibility. It is the antidote to victimhood, and it is the birthplace of action.

1. Re-write what you WANT to believe about responsibility. For example: "Responsibility gives me freedom and pride. It makes me feel capable and powerful...etc." 

2. Write down everywhere in you're life you've been playing the victim, and how you can take Divine Responsibility instead. Example: "I don't have enough time to work on my business" changes to "I am going to carve out two hours this week to work on my business because it's important to me, and it's worth it to my family". 

It's so easy to complain and pretend everyone else has the answer / solution / magic pill, but everyone YOU admire has taken the time to connect to themselves, and stood deeply in the responsibility to be in charge of their own lives.

Shift these two things, and your world will change. Just watch :) 

xx, Alexandra