You may be thinking, "why the hell would I create blocks to hold myself back, Alex?", but, believe me, I've seen it quite a bit. And, in fact, I've experienced it quite a bit as well.

First of all, let me distinguish between having blocks and creating blocks:

Having blocks: You're taking action, you're trying new things, you're learning, maybe you're seeing a bit of success, yet STILL you're feeling stuck, frustrated and like you're running in circles. You're not opened up to the FLOW of life no matter WHAT you're doing. These blocks are often beliefs / emotions / thoughts about money, work, time (etc), that are stacked against you and CAN be changed or surpassed. (that's an incredibly simple definition that's lacking in the depth and layers required to truly understand blocks)

Creating blocks: Essentially, you keep looking for that one thing that's holding you back from taking action, and you won't take action until you figure it out.

What it comes down to is this: when you're using blocks as a CRUTCH to explain why you're not taking action, you're often creating them. 

Lots of people create blocks as an excuse for not taking action in their business.

And that's an incredibly dangerous form of procrastination (spawned from fear).

You see, our egos are incredibly smart, and our brains LOVE figuring stuff out. So when fear creeps in, some people subconsciously sabotage their efforts by believing that they have more blocks to "figure out". This stalls their action while fooling them into thinking their "doing something" (solving it). 

You may see this showing up in the following ways:
- You find that a lot of your attention is focused on trying to "fix" a block at any given time
- You get the sense that you need to be "fixed" before anything works
- Every time you get close to taking action, you happen to have a few blocks "pop up" that prevent you from moving forward until you can figure them out
- You're convinced that you can find out that ONE block that will remove fear and you'll skyrocket to the top

Don't get me wrong, a lot of us have had our fair share of blocks. Whether they're in the form of beliefs that don't serve us, or emotions that create the same patterns in our lives, they do exist. 

But when they become a crutch and prevent you from doing anything, that's when it can be an issue and an excuse.

If you feel you may be creating blocks, first of all, please don't freak out. 


It's just something you might want to be aware of.

Then, try these things:

1. Ask yourself what you're afraid of when it comes to moving forward or taking action - sometimes we come up with these elaborate blocks, when, really, we're just afraid of people laughing at our ideas. Facing that fear can take the wind out of the sails.

2. Take responsibility for yourself and your actions - sometimes the idea of having blocks is used to stay in the victim mode. Taking Divine Responsibility in all areas of your life, and see how much more action you're willing to take.

3. Honor your fears - yes, you might be afraid of people laughing at you. But it doesn't ALWAYS mean you have to go back through your history and figure out exactly when that happened and the block that comes along with it. Sometimes you just need to honor the fear (that's trying to protect you), and make a decision to let it come along for the ride (don't let it drive). 

Remember, this is nothing you need to fix. Some everyday awareness can EASILY set you back into motion.

This is also not to say that blocks don't exist. This is to say that blocks can be USED as an excuse not to move forward. And that awareness can bridge the gap.

You got this.

xx, Alexandra