Each and every month, my biz and I go on a date where we chat about our dreams, our plans and what we want from each other. As with any good relationship, it requires communication, effort, attention and some love so that we can stay on the same page for the month. 

⚡️ These are the 5 things I do at the beginning of every month to start us off on the right foot: ⚡️

  1. I WRITE DOWN MY DESIRED INCOME GOALS - furthermore, I write down each and every thing that the money will be used for. Money LOVES purpose, so instead of just saying "I want $10,000",  I make a list of what the money will go towards. Restaurants? Debt? A weekend trip to Vermont? Give that money some purpose and watch it manifest. 

  2. I CREATE A LIST OF THINGS I CAN DO, AND THINGS THE BIG U CAN DO - I believe I got this idea from Mike Dooley (Leveraging the Universe), and it really helps with reminding me that I can surrender and stop trying to control every single outcome. My list can include: do my webinar, finish this PDF, follow up, etc etc, and the Universe's list can include: send me a referral, introduce me to someone who will open up possibilities, etc. 

  3. I DECIDE WHO I WANT TO BE - I take a look at where I can grow, how I've been showing up, how I WANT to show up, and what mindset shifts can benefit me. I realized awhile ago that there is no "getting there", so, now I shoot for growth. How can I grow? What will that look like?

4. I MAKE SPACE FOR WHAT I WANT - I clear out time in my schedule for the clients I want, I clean out clothes that I've been holding onto for too long, I get rid of any clutter that doesn't need to be around. Make space for what you want, and watch the Universe fill it with some pretty amazing things.

  5. I REFLECT ON HOW FAR I'VE COME - in the beginning of my business I NEVER looked back. I wanted to "get there", and I didn't have time to see how far I'd come. Now? I see how important it is to growth and continuation. Celebrate how far you've come. As often as you can. 

There you have it! If any of these call to you, feel free to use them in your own monthly routine. They can be a great way to stay on track with your personal AND your business transformation. 

You got this

xx, Alex