I have spoken to quite a few women about how they're trying ALL THE THINGS, yet nothing quite seems to be working. When we dive a little deeper, I see that they're pushing, pushing, pushing without leaving any room for flow. Here are a few ways you may be blocking yourself from receiving clients, attention, income, ideas etc etc:

1. WORKING NON-STOP - we got into FREEDOM-BASED businesses for a reason, right? We want FREEDOM. Even if you're working full time while trying to start your biz, set time in your schedule to do things away from the computer. Go for a walk. Go to a concert. Go get a damn ice cream cone. Leave room for things to come to you instead of pushing things away.

2. TRYING TO FIGURE OUT THE "HOW" - You have no idea what the future holds, so why try to control it? When you try to control every single thing, you're not letting the Big U give you what you want and need. Set intentions, create a game plan, and then let things COME to you. Don't get irked when it doesn't look exactly how you thought it would.

3. BEING DESPERATE - The energy of desperation is a huge turnoff...in dating AND in business. Whether you think it does or not, your energy comes out in everything you do. That shit can be felt. Usually being desperate stems from trying to figure out the "how", so ease up on that, trust that the Big U has your back, and get in touch with your intuition to strengthen that trust.

Take a look at the things above, and see if you've been doing any of them. If you've noticed that things don't seem to be flowing lately, this could be why. Take a break, trust the process, set intentions, and stop trying to control every single detail. It'll take practice, but you got this.

xx, Alex