I went home to visit my family and friends a few months ago, and I was shocked to find out how much complaining they did. This isn’t news to me, don’t get me wrong. In fact, I used to join them wholeheartedly in talking about all the “shit that sucks”. However, things changed a year and a half ago when I moved across the country with my girlfriend, Andrea.

I’ll paint you a little picture of her:

Andrea is one of those naturally happy and optimistic people who says things like, “but babe, money is easy to make!”, and MEANS it (I know, where the fuck did she come from? I had to work on that shit). She always sees the glass half full and gives people the benefit of the doubt. She always stays playful and energetic. She NEVER (and I mean NEVER) complains about anything. It’s like living with Abraham Hicks or something. And she’s the opposite of woo-woo.

We’ve been dating for three years and living together for 1.5, so she’s kind of rubbed off on me.

Anyways, I went home to visit my friends and family for a month, and I was SUCKED into a black hole of negativity and fear. You know how it is: someone starts complaining about something, and your energy is immediately downshifted to UGH. It sucks.

I knew I had to do something to stay positive, but it felt so difficult. So I made up a little game:

The Gratitude Game: EVERY single time you hear a negative comment or complaint, you say (in your head - otherwise it’s weird) something that you are incredibly grateful for or excited about.

Friend: I hate my job, everything sucks, and I make NO money
You: (I am so grateful that I know what my passion is)

Simple, right?

I started realizing I was grateful for things I didn’t even KNOW I was grateful for. It became more and more of a game as time went on, and I was having an INCREDIBLE time doing it.

The benefits?

  • I manifested working with my dream coach (with someone else offering to help pay for it without me asking)

  • I got more traction in my business than EVER before

  • I had a conversation with my father that I’ve been waiting to have for over a decade

  • I found my true voice

  • My relationship hit a completely new level of appreciation and connection (this includes better sex life)

  • Life became more fun

  • I became more alive



It’s a simple practice that takes NO time, becomes MORE fun the more you do it, and can ENHANCE your life ten-fold.

I still continue this game today, and I couldn’t NOT share it with you.
Try it out.

Give it a shot.
See what happens.

Let me know if you have any gratitude practices that have changed your life

Much love,