Have you ever been OBSESSED with someone's content? Have you ever noticed that a random email will speak to you after being on someone's list for 398439483 years? Have you ever noticed that someone pops up on your radar over and over and over? That's the Big U (Universe) at work. That's your NEEDS and DESIRES getting met. That's the Big U putting what you need right in front of your face.

And that is what happens to your clients as well.

A recent client of mine found me as a guest on someone else's webinar. She'd never heard of me, read my stuff, or seen what I've done, but she knew she wanted to sign up to work with me. What's up, Universe. I see you there.

⚡️ It's no different for you. ⚡️

Your clients will find you if you put yourself out there. There is no going out to "GET" clients. Of course you have to pitch things and put some strategy into play, but you NEVER have to worry about where your clients are coming from, because it is not your job to go and round them up.

Your job is to stand in your truth, stand in your power, get visible, be of service, learn how to get in front of people, give your people what they want, follow your desires, trust your intuition, and SURRENDER. FEEL your way through this.

THEY will find YOU. Of course you need systems and structures to take on clients, but as long as you have those in place and you share your gifts with the world, the Universe will help you out.

It's up to you to state your desires, be clear about your intentions, open up, surrender and allow.

Comment below with one way you know you can surrender lately!

xx, Alexandra