Comparisonitis is a BEAST, and one that I fought with for a long, long time. It can stop you in your tracks, take the air from your lungs, and start a flurry (read: a war) in your head that can cause you to want to crawl into bed, open a pint of mint chocolate chip, and watch Property Brothers for a week straight (this was a true story for me, circa 2015). It's not fun. 

Here are five ways to find your authenticity (and power and voice and AMAZINGNESSSSS) when you're struggling with comparisonitis

1. Stop subscribing to things - I'm serious. No need to fuel the fire. Stop looking at what everyone else is doing, and start taking action of your own. Only download what you truly need. 

2. Get offline for a bit if it's making you suffer - don't scroll through FB for four hours looking at what everyone is doing. It's great to go in there and connect / give value, but give yourself a limit if you're prone to comparisonitis. I'm serious. 

3. Journal - Comparisonitis can make us forget our own voice, and journaling can remedy that. Write out your thoughts, your desires, your ideas, etc. Connect with yourself. Listen to yourself. Hone your intuition. 

4. Address your fear - why are you comparing yourself to everyone? Are you afraid you're not unique? Are you afraid there's not enough? Address whatever fear comes up, and flip the switch. Create a statement that will SERVE you, and remind yourself daily with emotional emphasis.

5. Don't shrink - comparisonitis wants to keep you small, so be bigger than it. Yes, you will most likely feel comparisonitis at one point or another, so see it as something that is trying to hold you back, not something that is wrong with you. Ask yourself how you can grow instead of shrink. Journal the answer. Your intuition always knows what to do.

There you have it!

Have you ever struggled with comparisonitis? What was your experience?

xx, Alexandra