I ran a free masterclass on July 18th in which I discussed the emotional blueprint to signing my first client as a $5K client last year, and I wanted to share some of the key takeaways from that masterclass. Emotions are something I've always been thoroughly fascinated by, and I'm incredibly aware that they are often a missing link to the mindset + strategy that so many of us know already. Why? Because emotions are the ANCHOR to any transformational change we want to make in our mindset, and our mindset is what we hope to shift in order to see results from our strategies.

In the masterclass I shared the 5 KEY SHIFTS that took me from burned out, overwhelmed and running in circles to excited, confident and open to receive.

1. RADICAL AUTHENTICITY: this has the power to completely turn around "fraud syndrome", comparisonitis and lack of confidence for so many reasons. Radical authenticity looks like this: being who you want to be (as opposed to the advice I despise of "just be yourself"), being honest with yourself, having an opinion you stand by, and owning your story (past, present, future). Of course there is SO much more that goes along with it, but I can save that for a longer post. The reason this is a powerful feeling is because it allows us to show up in the space of the expert. NO ONE WILL EVER BE MORE OF AN EXPERT AT BEING YOU THAN YOU ARE. We have the confidence to stand in our own history and own our experiences, we have the joy of feeling like an expert, and we feel stable in relying on ourselves. And, believe me, that's just scratching the surface.

2. VULNERABILITY: No entrepreneur can escape this. However, so many entrepreneurs resist it until it hits them in the fact when they least expect it. I've always said that COURAGE IS VULNERABILITY ON PURPOSE, and it can be so powerful to utilize it as a tool. Feeling into vulnerability is where courage and momentum are born, and where every action can finally spawn.

3. SURRENDER: This one took me the longest. I didn't know how to surrender for a really long time, but once I did, it felt like the biggest weight off of my shoulders. The FEELING of surrender is crisp, clear and relieving, and the result is astounding. Surrender yourself to whatever you believe in. If you struggle with it, ask for help. I'd literally journal to the Universe to ask for help surrendering. It worked. This allows the gates of receiving to be opened, and that allows the energy of money to FLOW. It also opens you up to your intuition, providing you access to the best guide and mentor you have.  

4. LOVE: I know it sounds cliché or woo-woo, but it's not. You can't build a business you hate, and you can't build a business you love if you hate yourself. Cultivate love on many different levels. Love what you do. Love what you talk about. Love who you know. Love YOURSELF. Choose things you love doing. This opens up your creativity, your momentum and your connection with others. 

5. JOY: Essentially, this helps you get clients, cash, attention, and momentum for the sheer fact that the JOY you FEEL is directly put into your work. Every time I'm living from a place of joy, I have MANY more discovery calls, MANY more yes's, and MUCH more fun. Go out and do things you love. Make it a nonnegotiable. EnJOY your life. We're here for such a short time. Believe me, your business AND your soul will thank you. 

If you're interested in ways to CULTIVATE these things, or you feel like you want to dive a little deeper, feel free to check out the REPLAY of the free masterclass and check it out.

If anything struck you, pay attention. You know best where you need to put a little energy.

You got this.
xx, Alexandra