I remember the first time my girlfriend said that to me.
"It's your decision to stay where you are".

'Screw you', I thought to myself.

'Screw you for not understanding.'

'Screw you for not caring.'

'Screw you for not groveling at my feet and making me feel better, damnit.'

It's taken me a lot of breakdowns to finally get what she meant, and, today, I found myself saying the same exact sentence to a client of mine. 

So often we forget how capable we are of transforming, shifting, changing, and feeling the way we want to feel. 

So often we forget that we are the sole decision-makers when it comes to what affects us, what brings us down, and what can lift us back up. 

And so often there's a reason:

We unconsciously benefit -- in SOME way -- from staying stuck, staying low, staying hopeless, staying in the breakdown, staying in the same cycles. 

We benefit by: 
- being taken care of
- being "safe"
- being loved
- being saved
- getting a "break" (especially if you've been hustling)
- feeling more creative (as was the case for me)
- taking less responsibility
- having someone else give us the answers

and so much more...

But, it's your decision to stay where you are.

The same goes for business, mindset, romance, weight, and more. 

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It's your decision to stay where you are, and it's also your decision to shake your life up in more ways than you ever knew possible. <3 

xx, Alex 

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