Because you'll always be waiting to "get there".

You'll always be waiting to "arrive".

You'll always be waiting for something outside of you to shift.

For someone to make it easy for you.

To find the magic bullet.

To find the secret sauce.

To discover where all the hidden clients are.

To magically step into your power. 

But it doesn't happen if you're just waiting.

It doesn't happen if you're waiting on the end point.

If you're waiting to enJOY yourself.
If you're waiting to have fun along the way.
If you're waiting, waiting, waiting.

People are going to be drawn to YOU.

The way you show up, the way you speak, the way you put yourself out there.

People are going to resonate with YOU.

The way your energy feels + the way their energy feels when they're around you.

If you had everything you wanted right now (the $10k months, the droves of clients), how would you show up? 

- How would you feel?
- How would you have more fun in your business?
- What would you create?
- What would you say to your tribe?
- What would your message be?
- What would your energy be like?
- How would you take care of your body?

Start from there.

Start being that person TODAY so you can start enjoying your journey NOW. 

Show up from that place, and watch the magic happen.

xx, Alex