SETTING UP YOUR DESIRES FOR 2017 (and some kickass prompts!)

I was on the phone with a client today, and we realized that her goals and desires were a little TOO comfortable. 

You know, they were a little bit exciting, a little bit nerve-wracking, but oh-so-attainable that they didn't scare. the. shit out of her, or really stretch her out of her comfort zone.

What did that mean? 

It basically meant she was playing it safe even in her dreaming. 

There was no UMPFFF. 
There was no HELL YES. 
There were no JITTERS. 

Which meant that her energy was leveling-off in a place of "yeah, yeah, I'll get there, no worries". 

Not stepping outside your comfort zone means no personal growth. 

No personal growth means no business growth. 

So we looked at some questions she could start answering that got her imagination working, and we could BOTH feel the excitement.

If you're not sure where to start with planning 2017, start here. 

Start by knowing what the hell you actually want.
Start by knowing how to stretch your desires.
Start by looking within and deciding what you crave.
Start by listening to your imagination.

Here are some questions to kickstart:

✔️ What do you want your weeks to look like?
✔️ What do you want your schedule to look like?
✔️ How many hours a day do you want to work?
✔️ How do you want to feel every day?
✔️ What do you want your client-load to look like?
✔️ How often do you want to travel?
✔️ What do you want to travel for?
✔️ How do you want to pamper yourself?
✔️ What kind of team do you want to have? 
✔️ What kind of relationships do you want to have? 
✔️ What kinds of coaches do you want to have?
✔️ What kinds of collaborators do you want to work with? 
✔️ What kinds of retreats do you want to attend?
✔️ What do you want to outsource?
✔️ What do you want your health to look like?
✔️ How do you want to feel about your body?
✔️ What kinds of relationship do you want with yourself?

etc. etc. etc.

Start there and let it flow, baby.