I'm no stranger to this. I grew up with a very uppity, controlling and worried mother, and it's no surprise that I learned at a young age to exhibit the same tendencies. Hold onto outcomes. Control situations. Worry about everything.

Unfortunately, that's a surefire way to BLOCK the things you truly desire, and it's also a way to completely stifle your creativity and expression -- two things you so desperately need personally AND professionally if you want to show up, be seen, and share your gifts.

Here are some ways you may be holding on too tight:

✨ 1. Looking for the "right" way to do things -- when you start looking at what the "rules" are, you start squashing your creativity. Darling, you came into this life as a creative little nugget, and trouncing yourself with rules doesn't leave room for FLOW. 

✨ 2. Letting the outcome affect your identity -- does this sound familiar: "if I don't make money (or get thin, or whatever), it means I suck" (or some variation of that)? It's the cyclical dance you do of ineffectively attaching your worth to some kind of outcome, which always leaves you blocked, disappointed, and seeking another HIGH. 

✨ 3. Worrying about what other people think -- you're holding onto something you're making up, which is a sure fire way to block all your creativity, flow, and manifestation. If this is heavy for you, take a look behind "their judgements", and look at your own.

✨ 4. Overthinking, under-acting -- you know the drill: subscribe, subscribe, subscribe, learn, learn, learn, and still never do anything with it. LOVE, it has nothing to do with how much you know. It has to do with what's going on INSIDE of you. 

Take a look at these things and be honest with yourself. Are you holding on too tight? What would it feel like to drop the struggle? 

Everything you want happens on the inside first. It's all about decision, choice, transformation and change. 

You got this.

xx, Alexandra