Dear daring human,

I have to be honest with you: I started my business over a year ago, and, over time, I stopped speaking about what I truly LOVE and CRAVE (cultivating transformation) in order to teach what seemed like a "good idea" (strategies of making money). This was not necessarily a conscious decision so much as a slow percolation of the dreaded "shoulds", but, nevertheless, it happened. 

So many of us want BIG things in our lives. I love that. I love that you want to start a movement, or that you want to find your freedom, or that you want to change the world. We need people like you, like me, to shake things up at the dull party known as "settling", but we so often (and rather unconsciously) find our way back to what feels safe. I know I have, and I gather you have, too.

That's not a bad thing -- that's a human thing. 

But, it's always been my mission to help people live on the edge of their comfort zone, recognize their power, take a chance, and live a Daring Life. Whether that means saying "I love you" first, buying a one-way plane ticket, starting a business, or coming out, it all requires the same inner transformation and courage. It all happens because of your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. When you eliminate your limitations, that's when you find true freedom and success. 

My big vision has rested quietly in my chest, drumming on my heart until I finally listened. It whispered in my ear at every step, but I was afraid of it. How do I make money on my vision? Where are my neatly planned-out steps? What's my 10-days-to-$10k-process?

Why does this feel so uncomfortable and scary? 

Well, because it's supposed to.

Your dreams aren't supposed to be comfortable. They're not supposed to be the easiest thing in the world. They're supposed to make you GROW, and that always brings fear and discomfort. 

But here's the thing: when you find something you truly believe in, and when you decide that you're gonna move forward in faith and fear, the Universe can then meet you where you are. 

And it can have your back.

And magic can happen.

And, oddly enough, the timeline starts to become less important. You see, I don't care when I "get there", because, by living my true message and teaching what I believe in, I'm already there. When you have certainty in what you stand for, the timeline starts to change. It becomes your TRUTH, your LIFE, instead of just your job.

So what's this all mean, Alex? 

Well, this means that The Daring Entrepreneur™ has become The Daring Life™, and that I'm excited to help you eliminate any of the limitations you've been putting on yourself. It's time to align with what you truly desire, breakthrough your blocks, and get to where you want to go. And then keep going. 

And I want you to know this: if there's something you're afraid of doing, or saying, or pursuing, go ahead and give it another look. See if you're avoiding the drumming on your heart, the chanting in your soul. You've got big things to do here. 

If you know you're meant for more, and you're holding yourself back, let's chat: http://www.alexandracovucci.com/discovery-call

To your success, to daring,