I hate overwhelm, and overwhelm hates me. I get all edgy and frustrated if I'm feeling frazzled, so when I started my business, I knew I didn't want to run it like a headless chicken. It took me a little while to figure out the best schedule that works for me, and the things I've outline below have been some of the most helpful things I've found along the way:

✨ 1. I only have client calls on specific days so that my energy is not mixed and unmatched. When I give to my clients, I want to GIVE to my clients and be as present as possible. I do this best when I designate certain days to focus mainly on them. 


✨ 2. I am very diligent and intentional about my mornings. I don't touch my computer until I have worked out / moved my body and done my mindset work / meditation. Period. Oh, and morning snuggles with Boo Bear and puppy. 


✨ 3. I write down my top 3 important things to do for the day, and I celebrate what I get done. I set an amount of hours I THINK each will take me, and I base my day around that. I always do this the night before.


✨ 4. I stop my workday at a certain time regardless of what I haven't finished. In order to be able to do this, I give myself enough days in advance to build anything I've promoted. Example: I won't start building a masterclass TWO days before I do it, because screw that. I give myself more than enough time.


✨ 5. I remind myself that there is no "getting there". I am always growing, and there really is NO rush to "get anywhere". That always helps me put my work into perspective and not rush myself.


✨ 6. I listen to OM chanting while I work, and I designate certain hours as "Distraction Free Time" (phone off, across the room, and no notifications. No email opened. No FB opened) 


Those are a few of my most helpful tips on staying OUT of overwhelm and IN flow and momentum. 


I'm a freedom girl, and structure + responsibility allows me to leverage that as much as I can <3


Do you feel overwhelmed and frustrated when you work, or do you set your day up for flow and ease?


xx, Alexandra