I'm not typically one to tout the dialogue of "make $5495K in 2 days!"; I truly do believe that everyone has a different path, a different goal, and a different journey to take, and yours may be shorter or longer than the person next to you. That's okay. 

That said, I want to help you reach your goals faster. I know you want freedom, I know you want time, and I know you want the sweet satisfaction of reaching your goal of a 5-figure month. I also know you want to feel authentic, aligned and soulful while doing it, because that is where fulfillment truly lies, and I have a feeling you're not just in this for the quick cash. 

✨ 5 Inner Shifts I Made For a 5-Figure Month ✨ 

1. I DOUBLED DOWN ON MY SELF-WORTH: This was always a novel concept for me. I knew what it meant, but it always felt a little unattainable, nebulous or untouchable. If you don't struggle with this, that's incredible, and if you do, I understand. In order to really shift this I had to pull out all the stops: I told myself I loved myself in the mirror (it feels as funny as it sounds, but it works), I started doing things that made me feel amazing (eating well, writing poetry, etc), and I reminded myself daily, "I am worthy of my desires, I am worthy of my desires". 

2. I REALLY STARTED LIVING AS IF: This is sometimes a concept we preach and don't practice. We know what it means (kind of), but do we really do it? Well, it makes a big difference. I want to be clear: Living As If doesn't mean spending money you don't have. It means stepping into the role of the woman who has what she wants. And that can mean various things. For me, it meant clearing any worries about money, making reservations at the 5-star restaurants (one of my truest indulgences), trusting the Universe, and standing in my power. It also meant being MORE seen, being MORE vulnerable and being MORE available to those around me. Your 5-figure woman may look different than mine. That's okay. You know who she is, so allow yourself to become her NOW. Live as if you are her. Not conceptually, actually.

3. I FINALLY SURRENDERED: This one took me a REALLY long time. And it kept me playing small, worrying and always seemingly hitting a ceiling. You see, I didn't really know what it MEANT to surrender. I knew the concept, but I didn't know the feeling. I really had to explore that and step INTO it. Without this, I do not think I would be growing at the rate in which I am. My first step? I asked for HELP surrendering. This allowed me to surrender my control of surrendering. Sounds confusing, right? It worked. I simply said, "look Universe, I don't know how to do this. I don't know how to surrender. I need help". A week later I found myself in tears at my favorite concert (quite literally for 2.5 hours) feeling like my whole body was surrendering to the process. It was magical.

4. I GAVE MY MONEY A PURPOSE: I put the energy of purpose onto my money. I wrote down my goals, and I wrote down what each dollar was going to go towards. Of course things shifted around a tiny bit based on needs and what was going on in my life unexpectedly, but for the most part, the money went where I wanted it to go. Write down your $10k goal, and write down where the money will go. I put in business expenses as well as celebration expenses. I paid off some debt, as well as re-investing in myself. Write it down. It's also just really freaking fun. 

5. I STOPPED HIDING PARTS OF MYSELF: I've always had a love-affair with hiding. It's a story I will get into another day, but know that being seen isn't always easy for me. However, standing in your truth requires being seen. You see, I was fooling myself; I was really authentic and SEEN in some areas of my life (business), while in others I was still hiding how I felt about things. Outside of the entrepreneur realm, I would verbally diminish my love of all things spiritual for fear that people would make fun of me. Once I stopped hiding or caring, I had a surge of energy, creativity and truth. And I am convinced that allowed me to crack open and spill gold.

There you have it. Those are FIVE of the most important inner shifts I made for a 5-figure month. 

Do you struggle with any of these concepts? Comment below and let's explore it!

You got this
xx Alexandra