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My quarter-life crisis started a decade ago.

When I was 20 years old, I bought a one-way ticket to South America on a whim (instead of writing a resume and finding a job), and I stayed there for a year and a half.

I didn't know anyone. I had two backpacks, no friends, no apartment, no clue in the world what I was doing. I had a hope and a dream of going on a GRAND adventure, like The Motorcycle Diaries, or something.

I purchased my ticket on a random Wednesday night, on a whim, with a few moments of silence beforehand, in which my mind kept chattering, "what the fuck are you doing?". I had no idea what the fuck I was doing.

But I knew I didn't want to be doing what everyone else was doing.

I didn't want to be scurrying around to the Career Center on the campus of UNH, updating my resume, setting up interviews with corporate big wigs, and pretending that it felt OKAY.

I didn't want to be slowly dying in a cubicle.

I wanted an adventure.

Well, I got one, but not quite the one I was anticipating. In fact, it was one of the most difficult experiences of my life. I'd need to tell you all the gruesome details over a few drinks, but since we can't do that, let's just say it was nothing like The Motorcycle Diaries. 

Let's just say working a 9-5 was looking pretty good at that point. 

So I moved back home to Boston after a year and a half on the road, and that's exactly what I did. 


I thought my dreams of being an adventurer, an entrepreneur, a  coach, a changemaker were over for me.

I thought maybe everyone one was right about following the "social norms", getting a job, settling down and working somewhere for awhile.

I thought I could handle it.

Until I tried it.

I resigned to the 9-5 life for almost four years, and I could feel myself suffocating from the inside out.

Every single day felt like an uphill battle just to walk through those doors, drop my soul at the elevators, and count down the minutes until I could finally get out of my little cubicle and back onto my bike to ride off into the sunset (aka, go home to my roommate and complain incessantly). 

I still knew I was meant for more.

But I was so scared at that point. I'd already given up everything to go to South America on a "grand adventure", and I felt like I'd failed. I felt like I came back with my tail between my legs, proving every naysayer right. 

However, the unbearable pain of working in a 9-5 and my continued belief in living a life i loved finally smacked me hard enough in the face.

I decided to take a leap of faith. After all, I'd done it before, and I knew I could do it again. 

And what I learned was this:

The only one holding You back is yourself.

But you already know that, don't you?

Dreams are laced with feelings of failure and fear, but the only true failure is not going after something that you know is in your heart. 

 i hired some of the leading coaches in the industry, and I began my journey.

And I am determined to help others do the same.



I truly believe that everyone has the right to live a life they love and go after their dreams. I also fully understand that we stand in our own way over and over because of fear, overwhelm, confusion and self-doubt. One of my favorite aspects of working with clients is seeing their INNER transformation as well as their OUTER transformation. The journey of entrepreneurship is one that makes you look in the mirror and face your biggest demons, but I wholeheartedly believe that with the right guidance and support we can truly create magnificent things. With the right clarity, strategy, trust, mindset and alchemy, we can completely change our lives. 


Speaking with Alexandra not only opened my eyes, gave me a mental boost but gave me a huge business boost. She spoke to me in such terms that I would understand. I learned more about myself, my goals and where I see myself. She asked all the hard questions, no banter. I appreciate her more than she will ever know. Many thanks and well wishes in abundance
— Trezelle Morgan; Doula
I loved working with Alexandra!!! When I started my business, I had an inkling of an idea of what I wanted to do. But, I was struggling. What do I do? Where do I start? How do I make sense of all this? Can I even do this? There is a mountain of information out there, and it isn’t always easy to know what you don’t know. Alex helped me find my focus. She made it seem easy. And, she kept me moving. Alex reminded me that I could totally do this. When I forgot my why, she reminded me of that, too. Alex gave me permission to stop and catch my breath when I needed it. I started off wondering if I could do this, and I walked away with a client and a plan to attract more. I couldn’t have gotten this far without her, and the success that is sure to come only comes from having had Alex at my side.
— Fariha Massud; Mindset Coach
I absolutely loved working with Alex on Facebook group strategies. I reached out to her because of the strategic, authentic and beautiful way she kept showing up. I knew she was not only sharp but I also felt her heart and authenticity a mile away, things that I look for in any coach I invest in. From our very first session Alex made me feel important, cared for and deeply supported as she provided the well thought out strategies for moving forward and getting the results I was after. I will continue to partner with Alex in the future and if you are thinking about it, I would say don’t! She is an amazing coach! Love Gio
— Giordana Toccaceli; CEO Woman's Allure; Expert/Coach on Soul Healing/Love&Men/Your Irresistible Power as Feminine Women.