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You feel like you've been running on a hampster wheel (at least in your head),

and all you're left with is self-doubt, fear, and a prayer that you'll finally get out of your own way and catapult to that sweet, sweet next level.

You currently:

  • Want to go way bigger, but know you're still hiding where you feel "safe".
  • Find yourself in the same cycles of self-sabotage that are keeping you at your current level
  • Wonder if you'll ever actually "arrive", or secretly question whether it's even possible.
  • Desperately wanna manifest more, but still hide your power and worth.
  • Want to start working on your own behalf instead of standing in your own way.

Let's Get You Going


Life after working together:

- You've let go of outside validation so you can show up powerfully (minimal fucks given) and SERVE.
- You're excited and proud to putting your work out in the world instead of terrified and embarrassed. 
- You stand in your power and become the leader that your tribe wants and needs.
- You've uncovered the limiting beliefs that are holding you back from magnetizing the success you crave
- You have the power and energy to share your truth and authenticity with the world (no more hiding that amazingness!)
- You've let go of perfectionism and started feeling aligned and on FIRE.
- You've let go of what others think so you can attract what's right for YOU (no more people pleasing, lady)
- You've stopped. second. guessing. every. move.
....and more!

The program:

I bring my knowledge, expertise, guidance, intuition and unshakeable confidence in you to the table. You bring your willingness to expand, to be coached, and to step outside your comfort zone. Together, we kick your limitations + patterns, and you expand your life exponentially.*


*I will give you everything I have, but, ultimately, your success is your responsibility.



Who this is for:

  • You're ready to take the plunge on investing in yourself, your future and the growth you deserve
  • You're ready to do the inner work required to see outer results
  • You're cool with being challenged, and you LOVE getting breakthroughs and seeing shifts
  • You come prepared to our sessions, and you always focus on what it will take to move forward
  • You aren't looking for a magic pill. You know you ARE the magic pill

There are really no words to do justice to how incredible Alex is. Working with her literally changed my entire being. In the 3 months I worked with her I grew and accomplished more than I could have ever imagined. She gave me the courage to step into myself and own who I am unapologetically. She does this in the most loving way by making you feel 100% accepted just as you are. This woman holds space like no one I’ve ever met. I sobbed when I knew my time was coming to an end with Alex because my call days were my best days - the ones where I was MOST inspired and MOST willing to put myself out there. This woman is an absolute GEM and I am truly honored to have had the opportunity to have her. I promise your life WILL be transformed by even 1 call with her.
— Leanne Velky; Coach, Creative Entrepreneur

Before I started working with Alex I stalked her on Facebook!! Yup!! You hear me right. Her messaging spoke to me. I knew she was writing to ME. After about 9 months of stalking, I reached out to her for a discovery call and the rest is history! Alex really HEARD me she even heard the things I wasn’t telling her. This chick dug DEEP!! I cried on my first call (and a few other calls after that, of course). Working with Alex gave me permission to be ME! I took responsibility for my story and my life, and DECIDED what I wanted to do with it. I started eating better and working out; I lost 15 lbs while working with her. No, she’s not a health coach, but doing this really showed me that how I treat myself directly correlates to who I attract in my business, and how I’m able to show up in my business. My Facebook group is continuously growing, I’m facing my fears more effortlessly. Yes, I still have the fears, but now have more courage to face them. If you’re not sure if you want to work with Alex, schedule a breakthrough session with her; it’s free, and you will get TONS of value from that call alone. Once you do that though, be prepared to step out and SHOW UP because working with Alex will get you SEEN and HEARD, I promise you! <3
— Angie da Rosa; Transformational Mindset Coach